Phil Gander has travelled Australia widely in "Rattling Salvation", a nickname for his 1928 Plymouth Tourer. These adventures are chronicled in his first book "Just Poking Along".

These adventures are not your average stories from the owners of vintage cars. Some of these adventures include floating the Plymouth on polystyrene foam, attaching paddle wheels to the Plymouth and driving (or cruising) the car down the Darling-Murray river system the largest in Australia.

Phil's vintage 1928 Plymouth has helped to raise over $750,000 for charities, these include the Kidney Foundation, Endeavour Foundation and the Make a Wish Foundation. Just Poking Along is a day-by-day humourous and sometimes unbelievable but true stories of the trips of Rattling Salvation.

Navigate to the Picture Galley to look as some of the unbelievable things Phil and the Plymouth have got up to.Check out the Story of the Month, or read about the author of Just Poking Along and his adventures in his 1928 Plymouth in About Phil Gander.

A brief History of Phil's Q-Model 1928 Plymouth


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